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Surrendering your pet 



We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens and circumstances change meaning people can no longer look after their pets. Taking action by contacting an animal rehoming rescue is a responsible decision to make. We will always be impartial and talk through the situation with you to find out how best we can help. In return, we ask that you are honest and open with your pet's information. Nothing you say will lead to your surrender application being rejected so please be honest. This then means we can adapt our services to best suit you and your pet's needs. 

The Process

To surrender an animal, we ask that you complete the below application form and send it to us via email. We will then be in touch as soon as we have space or, in the case that we are particularly busy and your situation is not urgent, we will advise you of the waiting time and add you to our non-urgent waiting list. When you surrender your pet, there is no fee, but donations are always appreciated. Please make it clear on your application if you are NOT able to transport your pet to us and we will arrange to collect them. 

What Happens Next

When you drop your pet off with us, we understand this can be an upsetting experience and will give you lots of time to say goodbye. We will all be on hand to make the experience as stress-free as possible for both you and your pet in a safe environment, free from judgement. There will then be a small amount of paperwork to complete which is normally done online.

You are welcome to request updates to hear about your pet's progress while they are in our care. 

Contact Us for Advice

If you are considering rehoming your pet but are unsure, please feel free to contact us and speak to someone about your options and about how we can help. We can be reached on 07725955496 or email us at

Terms and Conditions

Once you sign your pet over to us, we take over the legal ownership of the animal. When the animal is then rehomed, the new owners take over legal ownership of the animal. Once the animal has been adopted, you cannot change your mind and take your pet back. If you pet is still with us and you wish to take them back, we will have to proceed through an adoption process and you will have to complete a homecheck. You may also be asked to cover any veterinary costs the rescue has incurred whilst the animal has been in our care.


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