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Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Spinny Game

Difficulty Level - Easy

A clever game for you and your dog to enjoy. Cats can play this game too!


The degree of difficulty increases if you place the white plastic block in the hole of the rotating disc. You can also a string through the hole in the block to make it easier for the dog to lift the blocks away.

The idea…

Is for you and your dog to have a fun and rewarding time together. Praise your dog when it does things right.


Mix some meaty raw dog food or biscuits mixed with water, pour some of the mixture in the hollows, put the game in the freezer and let it set. This is perfect for hot days or when the dog needs some extra activity.

Note: only use under strict supervision. ​Do not let the dog chew or bite the toy, only play together with your dog. Do not leave your dog unattended. Put away when the game is over.

We love playing this game with your dogs, they get lots of enjoyment out of it and its a fantastic starter game.

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