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Fun Swims for Dogs     

We offer fun & fitness swims for dogs of all sizes and ages in a fun, safe environment.

Swimming can be a fantastic way to have fun while improving their fitness levels. The experience we offer is is like no other, owners are welcome to swim with their dogs! Making this a beautiful bonding experience. 


There are many benefits to taking your dog swimming.  Whether you are looking to build your dogs overall fitness levels or simply enjoy some quality time with your canine companion, we provide the ideal space to enjoy a swim with your dog in the Hythe and waterside area.

Swimming is an ideal form of exercise for many dogs of all sizes because it is low impact on bones and joints. We have found that our clients have seen the following benefits:

  • Weight loss

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Muscle conditioning

  • Increased stamina & fitness

  • Increased energy

  • General better health


We operate a 8.5 M x 4.5 M in ground swimming pool.

The water is chemically treated and filtered to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. It is tested several times a day to ensure the chemical and PH balances are maintained at the correct levels.  

The water is heated to an optimal temperature range of 27 – 29 degrees. 

All dogs will be fitted with a life jacket/buoyancy aid prior to entering the pool area for their safety, if needed. 

Dogs will enter and exit the pool via gentle steps into the pool from ground level.

Dogs should be towel dried for their comfort after they exit the pool.




All swimming sessions will be for 30 minuets, this includes a towel dry. 


1/2hr fun swim £25

£10 per additional dog, upto a maximum of 3 dogs. 1 dog per person in the pool at a time. This is to ensure the dogs safety.

Towel drying is included, however you can choose one of the following add on services:

Blast to remove excess water (dog will not be fully dry) £10 per dog


How to book a swim with us: POOL OPEN

Firstly you'll need to register as a client. This is done by following the instructions on the LOG IN page. 

On the Log in page you will find instructional videos to show you how to register and book any services you are interested in. It's super simple to do and completely flexible to your needs, of course pop us message if you need assistance. You'll be able to see my available appointments and book one that suits you. 


Terms and Conditions

Fun swimming sessions are allowed to dogs who present with no injuries, illness or health complaints. Dogs with infectious or contagious conditions, such as eye, ear or skin infections will not be allowed to swim.


Bitches in season will not be allowed to swim or on site until their season has finished.


Vaccinations It is not a requirement for your dog to be vaccinated to attend fun and fitness swimming sessions. However, if your dog is not vaccinated yearly could you please bring proof of your dog’s initial Puppy Vaccinations with you on their first visit.


Please do not feed your dog for at least 3 hours prior to their swimming session and 1 hour after swimming. Please ensure that they have been toileted before arrival.


Any fouling on site, must be cleaned up by the owner (please ask if you need a bag),


Giving your dog a good brush to remove any loose hair before their swim session would be greatly appreciated.

Owners are requested to bring their own dog’s towel, however we do have spare towels available in the event that they forget to bring one. 


When not in a swimming session dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.


No children are allowed in the pool area at all.

Please Note - This is a Dog Fun and Fitness Swimming Pool and does not offer Hydrotherapy treatment for Dogs. Anyone seeking Hydrotherapy treatment for their dog should discuss this with their Vet.

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