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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions / Advisory Notes - Bookings & Payments


1. All clients will be deemed to have accepted New Forest Pet Services terms and conditions (as laid out on our website and booking system) on registration. 


2. New Forest Pet Services will not confirm any booking until a registration has been completed. This must include as much information as possible, including emergency contact details, pets vaccinations and signed waivers and terms / conditions. Boarding and Daycare services will also require a meeting with NFPs on site prior to booking. 


3. A deposit of 25% will be required to confirm Dog Boarding or Home Visits, payable on booking. Full payment for services (agreed either at time of booking or subsequently) is to be made 7 days before services commence or, by the date specified at the consultation via bank transfer. We do not accept cheques. Regular Dog walking and Daycare clients may pay monthly in arrears via card or bank transfer. No cash. Grooming appointments much be paid for in full no later then 48hours prior to the appointment. 


4. New Forest Pet Services reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of £5 per day if payments are not paid on the date due.


5. A charge of 2 x normal daily rate will be added for the following days for all our services: Christmas Day and Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day and all Bank/Public Holidays including Easter. 


6. The client must provide all items necessary for pets to be adequately cared for in the client's absence. (i.e., food, medication, leads, tags, collars, cat litter etc). Should pets require any additional supplies whilst in the care of New Forest Pet Services, these will be purchased and added to the invoice.


7. The client must provide New Forest Pet Services with the name and contact number of someone capable of making a decision relating to the pet(s) in an emergency. If the contact is not available New Forest Pet Services reserves the right to consult with a veterinary surgeon and then make a decision which is in the best interests of the animal.


8. The client is responsible for any veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred, whilst pets are in the care of New Forest Pet Services.


9. New Forest Pet Services must be alerted to any behavioural problems with their pets at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result in additional charges or cancellation of any future contract.


10. Although New Forest Pet Services holds Public Liability insurance, wherever possible pets should be insured by the client. New Forest Pet Services reserves the right to refuse a booking for any animal which is not insured.


11. New Forest Pet Services will care for your animal as you would, and whilst we will make every effort to ensure your pet is well looked after in your absence, New Forest Pet Services cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the home whilst in our care.


12. As a rule set by our Local Authority dogs must not be left alone for more than 3 hours. 


13. Price changes- Prices will be reviewed annually and amended if required on 1st January each year. We reserve the right to adjust our prices at any time if deemed necessary. All clients will be notified via email of any changes. 


14. All payments must be Card or Bank Transfer. No cash will be accepted. 


15. All data about you is treated as strictly confidential and is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Our Privacy Policy; Updated to comply with the GDPR can be found in full here. PRIVACY POLICY. 



Terms and Conditions / Advisory Notes - All Services


1. Cancellations - for cancellations of walks/day care/home visits, a weeks notice is required. If the required notice is not given charges will be applied in full for the cancelled period. If you wish to permanently cancel services 1 months notice is required, this must be done via a phone call followed by an email. Cancellation charges will not be applied in cases of animal illness or Covid related cancellations. 


2. In the event of Boarding cancellations that are notified to us 14 days prior to the start of the booking period, all fees less the non-refundable deposit of 25%, will be refunded, or held over for subsequent bookings. 


3. Boarding bookings that are cancelled between 14 days and 48 hours before the start date of the booking, will require 50% payment for services.


4. All bookings cancelled within 48 hours will be payable in full. This applies to all services.


5. All dogs being walked or in day care must be fully vaccinated and on a regular flea and worm control regime.


6. All dogs being walked or in day care will undergo a trial period to ensure that they are adequately trained and socialised.


7. New Forest Pet Services reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time & with immediate effect if the dog does not respond well to the family and/or other dogs. If your dog becomes destructive or barks excessively during its board it will be moved to an alternative career or to a kennel. There will be no refund of the boarding fees you have paid or are owed to New Forest Pet Services and any additional fees charged by the kennels will be payable by you.


8. All dogs will be walked on a lead unless prior agreement has been reached with New Forest Pet Services and consent has been agreed.


9. We will apply personal judgment and cut short a walk if necessary because of extreme weather conditions (ie, heat, thunder storms) for the safety of both the dogs and staff.


10. New Forest Pet Services does not accept any responsibility or liability for any clients animals that escape or become lost or injured, fatal or otherwise, when instructed to leave the clients animals in a fenced area, or in the home with an unlocked cat flap.


11. During Home Visit services New Forest Pet Services will clean up after your pets to the best of their ability. Please inform us of the designated area for the appropriate cleaning supplies. New Forest Pet Services are not responsible for carpet/ flooring stains created by your pet(s). 


12. Additional cleaning due to a dog not being 'house trained', scent marking or being incontinent, or an un-spayed bitch coming into season will incur additional charges. These charges will depend on the amount of soiling but will typically be £5.00 - £10.00 per day, payable on collection of your dog. This charge does not apply to puppies under 6 months of age.


13. New Forest Pet Services will make adequate steps to ensure your home is safe and secure in your absence, however New Forest Pet Services cannot be held responsible for any burglaries or accidents caused by your pet(s). 


14. Although all durations and times stated will be adhered to as rigorously as possible they are approximations only. Walks and visits can be booked in the am (9am - 11am) or pm (12pm - 2pm) timeframe, we do not specify exact times. We appreciate you flexibility on times for walks and visits. 


15. The right is reserved to re-home any pet not collected within 14 days of the date arranged if no communication is received from you and reasonable efforts to contact you have failed.  In the event we deem it necessary to re-home your pet due to abandonment, all fees shall be payable by you up to the point of re-homing.  A £150 rehoming fee is payable by you for re-homing your pet and a report shall be filed with the appropriate authorities.



Terms and Conditions / Advisory Notes - Grooming 


1. Health/Medical Problems or Senior Dogs: The dog owner will advise New Forest Pet Services of any medical, physical, emotional issues, allergies, sensitivities, or pre-existing conditions. These conditions may include, but are not limited to prior surgeries, hip and/or joint issues, warts, moles, ear infections or skin problems. The owner will also inform New Forest Pet Services of new conditions as they arise. New Forest Pet Services will not be responsible for accident or injury to an elderly or health-compromised pet during their grooming. Grooming procedures can sometimes be stressful especially for a senior dog or dogs with health problems. Because of this, grooming can expose hidden medical problems as well as aggravate a current one, whether it be during or after the groom. Because senior dogs and dogs with health problems have a greater risk of injury, these dogs will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort. New Forest Pet Services will not compromise any dog's health and/or well- being to achieve “the perfect groom”. 


2. Fleas/ Ticks: If fleas are found on your pet prior to starting the groom you will be called to collect you dog and you will still be charged for the appointment. If fleas are found once the dog is in the bath, it is New Forest Pet Services policy to use a professional medicated flea shampoo at an additional minimum cost of £15. We will notify you if possible. This cost covers the special shampoo; time and extra clean up to insure no fleas or ticks are active in our facility. Flea shampoo kills the fleas on the pet, if fleas are in the home/pet area, the flea shampoo will not protect the pets(s) from them once they leave the facility. Dogs that are bathed in our Flea shampoo will be towel dried only and then sent home. We do not dry the dogs with our force dryer as this spreads eggs into the entire salon which then can hatch and contaminate other dogs. Of course we can not groom a wet dog. You will need to treat your home and then re-book when your dog is clear of fleas. This usually takes a few weeks.  If Ticks are found we will remove them for no extra charge and the owner will be notified.


3. Matted Dog Policy: Pets with matted coats will require extra attention. If the matting is minimal and the pet responds well we may brush them out for an extra fee of £10. If we do not believe we can remove the mats in a timely manner or we feel your pet is in pain, we will not continue and will clip short/shave. We firmly believe grooming should be an enjoyable experience and will not put your pet through the discomfort of unnecessary dematting. We will notify you before shaving your dog, if permission to shave down is denied, your pet will not get a bath or haircut and must be picked up as is. Please note there is a greater risk of nicks, scratches and cuts; a matted dog during the grooming process. In addition, the skin may appear red, itchy and irritated due to the lack of oxygen reaching in and under the mats. New Forest Pet Services will not be held responsible for any injury sustained while grooming a matted dog, including any after effects. Our Groomer will be happy to demonstrate some effective brushing techniques for matting prevention. Regular brushing at home with a brush and comb as well as keeping your pet on a 4-6 week grooming schedule will help prevent matting.


4. Muzzling: I expect you to be honest with me concerning any aggressive tendencies. You can advise me before any treatment if your dog is likely to be aggressive so I can take any precautions necessary. I reserve the right to stop the groom at any point if the dog is at any risk of inflicting injury to itself or me. Muzzling does not harm your pet and protects both the pet and the groomer. In some cases, muzzling may even calm a stressed animal, allowing the grooming process to continue. If your pet still acts in a way that is dangerous, New Forest Pet Services has the right to stop grooming services at any time and a service fee will be collected. We do not muzzle unless your pet gives us a reason to.


5. Late pick-up: When dropping off your pet we will give a timeframe of when we anticipate completion of services. Please keep in mind that grooming can be a very time consuming and unpredictable process depending upon the dog’s behaviour and the condition of the coat, as well as when clients arrive for their appointments. We will do our best to manage to the approximated time given but please understand that factors outside of our control can influence how long the process may take. All pets brought in for grooming must be picked up within 30 minuets of the time the client is informed the pet is ready. Pets remaining after that time will be charged a daycare fee. 



Terms and Conditions / Advisory Notes - Aggressive Animals


1. New Forest Pet Services will not accept to look after aggressive animals or dog registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act. This includes the Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro.


2. The client agrees to be responsible for all costs (including but not limited to medical care, legal fees, etc) if the clients pet(s) should bite another animal. 


3. Client agrees that on booking services for their dog(s) that they have represented that the dog(s) to have not shown aggression or caused harm, or threatening behaviour to any individual and/or any pet(s), and the client agrees to contact the provider as soon as possible if any of these behavioural changes presents itself or if it has the potential to cause harm to any individual or pet(s).  


4. We will not walk unruly or untrained dogs. 


5. If the clients dog(s) whilst being walked or boarded shows aggressive tendencies towards New Forest Pet Services or their family, or should its behaviour become unacceptable or a nuisance beyond reasonable acceptance, the client agrees that the service is terminated with immediate effect and the pet is to be returned to the location where it was collected or moved to a kennels facility.  


Terms and Conditions / Advisory Notes - Misc


1. On occasion New Forest Pet Services may have a family member or friend accompany/assist/cover for them whilst providing the scheduled services. No costs will be applied to the clients account for any assistance the companion provides.

2. New Forest Pet Services regularly takes photographs of clients animals for posts on their website, social media and related promotional sites. If you have any concerns regarding this or would like to opt out of this then please make this clear before signing this agreement. 

3. New Forest Pet Services reserves the right to have a period of time off for annual leave. In this instance, you, the client will be given a minimum of 1 months notice.

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