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HOME VISITS for dogs


Perhaps you have a puppy who you don’t want to leave for too long, or an elderly dog who can't cross his legs as long as when he was younger?

If you don’t need your dog to be walked but have to leave him for longer than you would like during the day, we can help. I offer a pet visiting service so your dog is not alone all day, and has some time being played with or fussed, or simply having a toilet break.


If you are going out for the day and will be back later than usual, work shifts which mean your dog is left over a feeding time, or have a longer than usual day at work, I can visit your pet and give him his meal and opportunity to go to the toilet.

Alternatively if you want to go out for the evening and will be back late, I can visit your pet during the course of the evening and provide some TLC and a chance for your dog to go to the toilet before bed time.


I aim to be flexible wherever possible to meet your needs.


HOME VISITS for cats and small pets/exotics

Our Cat Sitting and Small Pet Visit service is a perfect alternative to cattery boarding or asking friends and neighbours. Cats in particular are known to be less stressed in their own environment and will prefer staying in their own home. Many owners with multiple small caged pets or exotics may find this service fits your needs. A visit can last 30 minutes upto an hour, working fully to your requirements. We will give them lots of love and attention and feed them if required. 


Included in this service:


  • Consultation meeting and registration

  • Bring in your post and newspapers 

  • Turn lights on and off 

  • Open and close curtains

  • Cleaning of cat litter trays 

  • Cleaning of any cages/vivariums

  • Provide fresh water 

  • Feeding

  • Medication given if needed in food only (not orally) 

  • Text messaging/phone calls to reassure you

  • Collection and delivery of keys


Home Visits

30 mins


60 mins


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