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Dogs, Cats and Small Pets

Rosie qualified from GroomArts Acadamy in 2017, she holds a City and Guilds Level 3 Qualification in dog and cat grooming. Rosie is a Multi Award Winning Groomer with a speciality in small pets! Stephanie recently joined the team and is working through her qualifications, She has many years experience in the salon.  

Why not add a relaxing Reiki session to your dogs grooming appointment. Check out the Reiki page for more information and to book. 

We now offer Emmi-Pet Dentals. Click the logo below to find out more. 



Full Groom


This is the complete pamper treatment for your dog. They will be bathed using our professional products, blow dried and brushed out before being clipped and scissor styled. Nails trimmed, ears cleaned and anal gland expression included if necessary. We will finish off with a spritz of doggie cologne which you will find better than any room deodoriser! Your pet’s coat will not only look and smell wonderful but feel strokably soft.

Full Groom consists of:

- A consultation with the client

- Health check 

- Two Shampoos

- Coat Conditioner

- A gentle ear clean

- A warm hand dry

- Groom from nose to toes (as disscussed)

- Sanitary trim

- Pad Trim

- Nails

- A spritz of fragrance to finish

Does your dog need two groomers?

We are the only 2 groomer salon on the waterside. There can be a number of reasons why it may be necessary for your dog to require two groomers to carry out a groom. It could be that the behaviour of the dog warrants two groomers to carry out the groom, it could be to ensure the welfare of the dog (e.g. an older dog that requires more support), your dog could be fearful or anxious and need a little more comforting whilst being groomed. Giant breeds often need two groomers just to manage the dogs size! 


To book a two groomer slot please message us as we will schedule a groom with plenty of time and sole use of the salon. These slots will cost at least double the standard breed cost. 

Please note: all prices stated here are a guide only. All dogs will be assessed and weighed on arrival. We will then amended the groom cost if we deem it necessary. Mixed breeds have mixed coats and therefore have mixed unpredictable coats. Each dog is priced individually the prices here are an average only. 




Miniature/Toy Purebred Dog




Miniature/Toy Mixed breed Dog



Toy/Mini dog

Small Purebred Dog




Small Mixed Breed Dog




Medium Purebred Dog




Medium Mixed Breed Dog



Puppy Package

​This service is available to puppies up to the age of 6 months old. With a puppies first groom it is essential that their early grooming experience will give them a lasting impression, so the grooming years ahead will be that of happy memories and something they enjoy. At NFPS we will treat your puppy as you would treat them, with love and kindness and lots of cuddles. Ideally a puppy should be introduced to the grooming experience after they have finished their initial course of vaccinations (12 weeks old). The aim of this package is to introduce your puppy to the grooming experience at the earliest opportunity and to make it as enjoyable as possible. Treats will be readily available throughout if you agree. Your puppy will be introduced to being handled and to the sounds and sights of the equipment, building up to having a bath, dry and trim. This service consists of three visits over three consecutive weeks and the cost of the whole package starts from £90.00 depending on the breed of dog. I can give an exact price when we first meet. Owners are welcome to stay during the first  visit but during the last two sessions it is recommended that the puppy is left alone so they become confident with the experience.

​The puppy package is as follows;

​Week 1:​ Consists of handling and getting used to the sounds and sights of the equipment.

​Week 2: ​Consists of handling, nails clipped if needed, ears cleaned, eyes cleaned, sanitary areas cleaned and trimmed if needed and a gentle brush through.

​Week 3:​ A gentle and soothing hydro bath using a natural puppy shampoo, dry, brush and clipping/scissoring plus all of the above if needed.


Large Purebred Dog




Large Purebred Dog




Giant Purebred Dog



Giant Mixed Breed Dog - Contact Us


Puppy Package



De-Shedding Mud Spa Bath Treatment

Our De-Shedding mud contains a unique blend of ingredients which removes loose fur, rejuvenates and hydrates the coat. It also improves volume and shine.

This Product Contains

  • Dead Sea Salts

  • Organic Coconut Oil

  • Aloe Vera

  • Omega Oils

  • Witch Hazel

While heavy shedding is breed specific there is no such thing as a non-shedding dog unless it is completely hairless! Some breeds shed seasonally while other shed all year around.   Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds are known to be prolific shedders, whereas Poodles and Bichon Frise are very light shedders but are prone to matting if not regularly brushed. Your dogs health is a major factor in determining how much of their hair falls out so if your pooch is shedding an unusual amount for their breed it is worth getting them checked by the vet. For dogs with normal shedding levels a specialised de-shedding treatment is recommended.

Our De-shedding Treatment removes your pooch’s shedding coat which if left unchecked and allowed to build up will impact your dogs ability regulate their body temperature.  Loose undercoat often needs more than just combing to remove it and this is where our De-shedding Treatment is a great option and pooches leave happy and cooler without their shedded hair!

What is included in the treatment?

Our De-shedding treatment is a 4 step process.

1. Hydro massage bath and in bath hand de-shedding helps to separate and release loose hair, provide a smoother, softer coat during brushing, and contribute to brushing efficiency.

2. Coat care mud bath treatment – an all-natural de-shedding mud bath that removes more loose hair, releasing the undercoat and unclogging hair follicles.

3. High velocity blow out to remove even more dead hair.

4. De-shedding session with specialist tools that have been developed to remove undercoat hair efficiently and painless, and coat trimming as required.

You can expect this treatment to reduce the shedding by up to 80% after the first treatment. You may experience some shedding of the loosened hair over the first 12-24 hours after you take your pooch home.  For extended and continually improved results, the treatment should be repeated as recommended for the breed.

Pricing for this treatment is based on breed and the condition of your pooch’s coat, skin, its temperament, age, and grooming history. Cost is £30 on top of the standard groom price.



Total grooming of all dead hair leaving your cats coat completely knot and matt free. We also provide a range of clipping and cutting styles. 

Standard Groom consists of:

- A consultation with the client

- Health check 

- De Matting (either by clipper or comb)

- Grooming to remove all dead hair

- Hygiene Clip 

- Nails (when necessary)

- Cleaning of the fur (waterless or bathed)

- Ears & Eyes cleaned

All these procedures are carried out with confidence, kindness and at the Cat's own pace!

Lion Cut:

Many owners choose the lion cut, you can choose different styles for the head legs and tail depending on the condition of your cat's coat. The head can either be a whole mane (like a lion), or a huge ruff, or simply clipped just to frame the face.

Legs can either be long, knee high or ankle, and the tail either half, a tuft on the end (lion like) or just a hygiene inch round the top!

Matted Cats:

Persians, Ragdolls, Birmans, Maine Coons, Siberians and other forest cats should be brushed through daily to avoid any excessive tangles, knots and matts forming.  Matted fur in long haired cats is common but mats can also develop in short haired cats.  If your cat has become unusually aggressive or depressed the reason may stem from matted fur which can cause irritation, pain, infection and even excessive fur balls. 

Standard Groom


Lion Cut


A stylish alternative to the full coat 

Matted cats

These prices are charged on top of a standard groom.

A few mats, clipped out +£20

Many mats, clipped out +£30

Pelted or mostly matted, full clip off £40

Waterless bath and Brush out


Suitable for short coated cats

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We offer grooming for small pets too! Long haired guinea pigs and rabbits can get matted easily. We give them a bath using small pet shampoo, a hygiene hair cut to remove any mats or substrate stuck in their fur and generally give them a tidy up. Nail trims will also be done. 

Rabbits & Guinea pigs should be groomed every 6-8 weeks, smaller maintenance grooming may be needed for long haired rabbits and guinea pigs. Small pets will not always be bathed unless necessary as they don't require regular bathing. 

Extras: £10 each.

Nail Trims: Although included in all our treatments nail clipping or filing is also available as a side service. 

Hand Stripping: Wire coats only

Toilet Accidents: If your dog toilets and needs re-bathing you will be changed an additional fee. 

Flea treatment with medicated shampoo. Minimum charge of £10 for shampoo treatment, may be more if the salon also needs treating as we need to close for the rest of the day. 

Dog Sitting: Late pick ups will be charged! 

Badly behaved dogs take longer and therefore will cost more to groom! 

De-matting: maximum time 20 mins, if the dog can not be brushed out in that time it will be shot shaved. The extra charge here is for the additional time spent brushing and for blade sharpening! 


Small Pets



How to book a groom with us: 

Firstly you'll need to register as a client. This is done by following the instructions on the LOG IN page. 

On the Log in page you will find instructional videos to show you how to register and book any services you are interested in. It's super simple to do and completely flexible to your needs, of course pop us message if you need assistance. You'll be able to see my available appointments and book one that suits you. 


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