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Some comments and testimonials from happy customers! 


“Oh my goodness I’m in tears (happy tears)- we can’t believe how lucky we were to have had you as our carer for our beloved dogs. You are more like friends, no wait. . . part of the family!”


“The level of friendliness and customer service made us and our dog feel very comfortable.”


“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service we have received from New Forest Pet Services. Bouncer sits at the door waiting for you to pick him up for his walk and doesn't want to get out of your car when you drop him off! It's reassuring for me to know that he is happy and well looked after by you and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend New Forest Pet Services to anyone.”


“New Forest Pet Services do dog walking and boarding for me and I trust them completely - They have exceptional experience and knowledge of dogs including large breeds. The services are reliable and the dogs enjoy good, long walks and training reinforcement.”


“Rosie is so professional. I cant believe how accommodating and excellent her customer service and dog care has been. Im amazed at the flexibility she offers in terms of looking after my dog. Its always an anxious time when finding someone to look after your pet for you, Rosie put my mind at ease straight away with her friendly and professional manner. Im actually shocked at how well my dog has settled in, he cant seem to wait to go to doggy daycare! Top marks from me - definitely 10 out of 10.”


"Hey Rosie and Kyle,
Just a little note to say "Thank you" so much for making my life
Having used a local kennels previously for my old boxer I vowed I would never go on holiday again unless I found 
someone fantastic to look after her and it looks like that's exactly what we've done. The first time I left her I was only a short distance away and it was only for the weekend, but when I got back she wasn't all that impressed to be coming home thanks to the wonderful time you guys had shown her while she was with you.
So now we have a new addition to the family and both old and new love coming to see Aunty Rosie and Uncle Kyle.
This year we went abroad for the first time in a long time and I didn't worry at all knowing they were both in safe hands, although I'm sorry the puppy was a pickle to you (she loved it though).

See you again soon."


"I wanted to drop you a message to thank you so much for such a fantastic service. I was really uncomfortable having to leave my 3 kittens Ebony, Voodoo and Minx behind without their mum. You sat with me for over an hour consoling me for the loss of my beloved Bella and other things. I was worried no-one would look after them the way I wanted. I found your website and thought it sounded like a wonderful service so promptly booked up.On the phone call we shared to confirm the booking you were very professional and let me know that my kittens would be well cared for and happy in your home. This really set me at ease as i was caught up in the fact I had to leave my Bella and force the kittens away at 6 weeks old. It didn't cross my mind that you were looking forward to having them and very capable of looking after them!Rosie is fantastic and the location so brilliant that i was worried they wouldn't want to leave when i went to collect them! While i was away i had regular contact with Rosie and was made to feel very welcome to contact her at any time.When i popped in all 3 of them were in their element it almost felt mean to take them away as they were that settled with Rosie. I could see instantly that my girls had been very well looked after and cared for, so i will definitely be using New Forest Pet Services again should the need arise with any future pet. At the end of their stay i decided 
to leave them with Rosie to be re-homed. I couldn’t face taking 
them home without Bella. Rosie has been excellent in every way 
especially when i asked if i could leave them with her.
She consoled me and said that she will do what she can to make my current situation easier. 

Thank you Rosie, you have yourself a brilliant service - so well thought out and friendly."

This video has been deleted.
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