Available Animals

All of these beautiful pigs have passed quarantine and are now healthy. These pigs have been through an awful lot and deserve to find wonderful loving homes. Pigs will show here when they are available. 


On November 22nd we were contacted regarding several hundred guinea pigs in need of rescue since their breeder sadly passed away. On November 26th we, along with rescues all over the UK, travelled to save the pigs. We took in 117 pigs including 12 pregnant sows. Unfortunately it became apparent very quickly that this rescue was far more upsetting than we first thought, many of the pigs were suffering from fungal skin infections, open wounds and missing fur caused by mange. On further inspection we found one to have severe neurological issues and another is missing an eye and a another is blind. These pigs were incredibly frightened and unused to handling so huge care has to be taken whilst treating each and every animal. On arrival the pigs all received a parasite bath, nail clip and full health check to assesses their condition. Any wounds were treated and antifungal cream applied where needed, each pig also had ivermectin treatment to help prevent and kill any mites that may be present.

They range from adults to very young, some more habdleable then others, but all are now quite calm when caught for cuddles.



Thank you for taking an interest in adopting an animal from our rescue. If you would like to know more or to book a visit to meet the pigs please do contact us via the Adoption page.

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