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Adoption Policy

Minimum Requirements

Guinea Pigs

We will only rehome guinea pigs to live in hutches/cages of minimum 6ft in length (single storey) or 4ft in length (double storey). This, however, will vary depending on the chosen guinea pigs and, again, guinea pigs will need a large area to exercise daily. In terms of indoor cages, our absolute minimum is 140cm in length. This applies whether the cage is single, double or triple storey as this is the length that guinea pigs need to be able to run in a straight line. Having a double storey cage does not mean you can get a smaller length of cage. We have links to suitable hutches and cages in our housing blog. We require proof of suitable housing prior to adoption. 


As stated by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, rabbits need a total area of minimum 60sq ft. For example, a hutch/cage of minimum 6ft in length, 2ft in depth and 2ft in height as well as access to a safe, enclosed area of minimum 8ft by 4ft to exercise daily. We will never rehome our rabbits to live in accommodation smaller than this and our larger rabbits will need even more space! 

Please note: letting rabbits free-roam in the garden DOES NOT count as a safe, enclosed area.

  1. An adult must visit the rescue with any children, the adult will take responsibility for the pet

  2. You cannot adopt an animal if you are about to move house or go on holiday, unless the pet is booked in to stay under our boarding service.

  3. Guinea pigs are highly social animals and are best kept in bonded pairs or groups; except in very rare circumstances, we will not allow an animal to be adopted to live on their own.

  4. All adoptions are subject to a home check and animals will only be rehomed to live in housing that meets the minimum requirements

  5. We will only rehome guinea pigs to families with children if the children are well-behaved and gentle with the animals

  6. No animal will be rehomed to anyone under the age of 18 - proof may be required

  7. Some animals may be unsuitable for some potential homes and it is up to us to make that decision

  8. Animals can be reserved or chosen over the internet - collection must be done in person with the appropriate paperwork completed

  9. Baby guinea pigs can be rehomed from 6 to 8 weeks of age. 

  10. No animal will be rehomed to more than 50 miles from the rescue due to the stress of travelling.

  11. I will not use the guinea pigs or rabbits for breeding purposes

  12. All our rabbits are vaccinated prior to adoption. We endeavour to neuter all rabbits but if this has not been possible for any reason and you adopt an animal which hasn't been neutered (e.g. it may be too young), you will be required to have the animal neutered as soon as possible.

  13. Rabbits and guinea pigs will not be rehomed to live together

  14. We have a no-kill policy

  15. We do not receive money from any sources and rely entirely on public donations and self funding

  16. Our adopters are offered life-time support and we insist on the rabbits coming back to us if circumstances should change

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