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This course has been written and produced by A professional and award winning Guinea Pig Groomer. Rosie also owns over 30 guinea pigs including rare breeds, that she has bred for many years. Rosie also owns a Guinea Pig Rescue. 


Nervous about nail clipping? No idea about grease glands? Guinea pig in a bit of a tangle?


This course is the answer to all of your guinea pig grooming related prayers! As a professional groomer I am experienced in every aspect of grooming with a wide variety of breeds of guinea pig. I’ve worked with all coat types: smooth, long, multi-directional, curly, rough, wiry, rexoid, frizzy, wavy, mixed – and have tackled characters ranging from extremely laid-back to very highly-strung.


This course will teach you everything from performing a nail trim, matt removal, guinea pig health, foot spurs, grease glands, ear cleaning, bathing, haircuts for pets, breed specific hair management and more! 

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