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The Average Cost of Dog Grooming in the UK

The Average Cost of Dog Grooming in the UK

Research shows the average cost of dog grooming in the UK is £43, but prices range from £20 to £90 or even more. The amount paid depends on several factors including location, dog breed and behaviour, hair type and the dog grooming service required.

This is not simply about salons putting up their grooming prices. This blog discusses why the cost of dog grooming in the UK is increasing.

Pet ownership increases

One of the current reasons for an increase in dog grooming costs is simply a matter of supply and demand. There has been a massive uplift in pet ownership as a by-product of Covid-19 and lockdowns.

With an increase in pet ownership, comes an increased need for grooming. With grooming salons not growing as fast as ownership, it means getting a space in a reputable salon is much higher demand.

Health concerns

Another reason for increased grooming prices is the actual service being offered to pet owners is more comprehensive. It is no longer just simply a cut, blow-dry and “manicure”.

Groomers are now helping identify and treat skin problems before a pet needs vet treatment. As we have our hands on every part of your dog we often find lumps, bumps, areas of pain or sensitivity. All of these are things we will tell you to in case a vet visit is needed. We also offer free puppy introductions and for elderly or immobile owners, provide a collect and drop-off service.

Better treatment and care

With new qualifications and understanding, the industry has been able to help dog groomers provide better levels of care. Manufacturers have created improved products to help dog groomers better support dog owners. We at NFPS are very highly trained, offering a range of additional services to aid the health of your dog including teeth cleaning and reiki.

Costs of equipment and products increasing

When running a salon it's important to consider the costs involved. We have to have comprehensive insurance alongside the running costs of the bath, dryers, clippers, sharpening, blades, scissors, brushes, shampoos to suit all dogs and loads more!

More skilled workforce

As groomers now have access to better and more detailed training and qualifications, meaning we are better placed to provide great quality care and service. With this increased specialism, we can increase services being offered. We are always adding more qualifications and training for our professional development all of which, in turn, benefits you and your pets!


The average cost of dog grooming has certainly increased but this is not just due to dog groomers wanting to charge more money. There are several factors we have highlighted that have seen dog grooming prices rise. While prices are increasing, it is reassuring that dog owners are increasingly taking their pets’ health seriously.

How much time goes into grooming a dog
Download PDF • 156KB

Download our PDF How much time goes into grooming a dog, for a breakdown of average grooming times and process descriptions! Of course you can't put a price on the love and care we take with each and every dog in our salon!


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