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DE-SHEDDING TREATMENT While heavy shedding is breed specific there is no such thing as a non-shedding dog unless it is completely hairless!  Some breeds shed seasonally while others shed all year around.   Labradors, Huskies and German Shepherds are known to be prolific shedders, whereas Poodles and Bichon Frise are very light shedders but are prone to matting if not regularly brushed.   Your dogs health is a major factor in determining how much of their hair falls out, so if your pooch is shedding an unusual amount for their breed it is worth getting them checked by the vet.  For dogs with normal shedding levels a specialised de-shedding treatment is recommended. Solve your dog hair and dander problems with a De-shedding Treatment. Our De-shedding Treatment removes your dogs shedding undercoat, which if left unchecked and allowed to build up will impact your dogs ability regulate their body temperature.  Loose undercoat often needs more than just combing to remove it and this is where our De-shedding Treatment is a great option, dogs leave happy and cooler without their extra hair! What is included in the treatment? Our De-shedding treatment is a 4 step process. 1. A massage bath and in bath hand de-shedding helps to separate and release loose hair, providing a smoother, softer coat during brushing and contributes to brushing efficiency. 2. Coat care repair treatment – a conditioner that removes more loose hair, releasing the undercoat and unclogging hair follicles. 3. High velocity blow out to remove even more dead hair. 4. De-shedding session with specialist tools that have been developed to remove undercoat hair efficiently and painlessly and coat trimming as required. You can expect this treatment to reduce the shedding by up to 80% after the first treatment. You may experience some shedding of the loosened hair over the first 12-24 hours after you take your dog home.  For extended and continually improved results, the treatment should be repeated as recommended for the breed. Also included in this treatment: - Health check - A gentle ear clean - Sanitary trim (if needed) - Pad hair removal - Nail trim - A spritz of fragrance to finish Pricing for this treatment is based on breed and the condition of your dogs coat and temperament. The below are guide prices only. Small breeds £30-£40 Medium breeds £50 Large breeds £60

Giant breeds £80 Please contact us to book. 

Email: Call: 07725955496 Or find us on Facebook.  

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