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Fireworks and your pets!

I know many people will be going to watch her fireworks and bonfires all weekend so here’s my tips for keeping all pets happy as possible at this time of year.

• Don’t forget other pet’s cats, rabbits etc. can become worried too, so bring them in. • Exercise dogs both physically and mentally before it gets dark a tired dog helps them be calm. • Draw the curtains and turn lights on this stops the flashing lights. • Turn the TV /radio up. Drown out the bang as much as possible. Calm music is good too. • Some dogs react to the gunpowder smell so a candle (if you are home) or infuser with lavender or other calming smells can help. • If your dog has a favourite hiding spot make it safe for them if it’s behind the sofa under the bed let them find there spot. If you dog uses a crate normally it can be this but if not crates can make it worse as no escape. • Rescue Remedy can be used if needed. If your dog is hurting themselves either trying to escape or self-mutilating go to vet today and speak to them re medication • Most importantly be calm! The calmer you are the calmer the dog. If you are stressed or panicking your dog will follow suit.

Keep safe and have fun everyone

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