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Welcome Helen Hall to the New Forest Pet Services team.

Please join us in welcoming Helen Hall to the New Forest Pet Services team.

A little Hello from Helen:

"My husband and I currently have a 4 year old German Shepherd called Sheba that we adopted from rescue. We also take in the occasional foster dog from the local GSD rescue. Sheba loves walking with other dogs and has many poochy pals of all sizes.

I grew up with 2 dogs called Henry & Pegs, 5 cats called Indie, Quays, Lilly, Tikka and Tarot. As well as small pets, Rabbits, Rats and a Bearded Dragon called Keith.

I love the forest and am looking forward to spending time exploring with your dogs."

Helen lives locally and will be walking with us and providing care for small pets and cats.

If you would like your dog to join us in the forest please do get in touch to arrange a meeting.

Welcome Helen!


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