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Rainy Day Entertainment Ideas To Keep Your Dog Busy

With Summer finally in full swing, now’s your chance to hit the beach or plan a picnic in the park. While there’s undoubtedly sunny skies ahead, there’s also bound to be days when the clouds roll in and you’re stuck inside trying to find something to do. Here’s a few ideas to keep your dogs entertained indoors while it’s pouring outside!

Search & Sniff

Hide treats around your home to set your dog off on a tail wagging adventure. Your dog will put his nose to work to find the hidden treasures. You can determine how easy or difficult you want the game to be depending on where you decide to hide them. Another version of this game is to hide treats in a muffin tin, this can be made as easier or harder denying on your dogs sniffability!

Food Dispensing Toys

Food Dispensing Toys are great for hiding treats and keeping dogs busy. The toy’s opening is small enough to provide dogs with a challenge but also big enough for a treat to fall out before your dog becomes frustrated. You can use all sorts of treats or you can use your dogs biscuits - make meal time more fun! Kong toys can be frozen too! Perfect on hot summer days.

Tug of War

All you need for this old school game is a tough rope and a pawesome dog who’s ready to play. If you deport have a tug toy you can cut on old towel or fleece into strips, plait them and knot the ends. Perfect DIY tug toy!

Interactive Dog Feeder

Even though your dog may figure it out in a few minutes, interactive dog feeders and puzzles are a great way to keep your canine occupied. There are loads on the market but you can DIY interactive games too! For example: we all have old towels, lay one flat on the floor, sprinkle treats in the towel, roll the towel up, let the dog unroll it and sniff out those treats.

Hall Ball

A long straight hallway is idea for this game. Similar to fetch, take a ball and roll it down a long hallway. Your dog will go racing after it without unpredictably tearing through your home.

Teach an old dog some new tricks.

On sunnier days you’re way more likely to head outside than sit at home teaching your dog new tricks. Rainy days are pawesome for catching up on all those things you set aside for another day. Especially practicing tricks your dog knows, and teaching them some new ones too!

The Hol-ee Roller

The Hol-ee Roller is great for dogs that love bigger toys. It’s hexagonal cut-outs make the ball lightweight and easy for owners to throw and dogs to retrieve so you won’t have to worry about it breaking your lamp. However, please proceed with caution if your dog is a heavy duty chewer they are not the strongest of toys. If your dog likes to pluck like ours does, you can add strips of fabric with treats stuffed inside.

Netflix/Movie Day

Ok, maybe this one isn’t as much for your dog. Regardless, you can still spend quality time with your dog and keep them entertained while catching up on a few shows or a movie. As long as you have a chew toy or bone nearby, your dog is bound to enjoy a little down time next to his hooman.

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