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Food Dispensing Balls

Whether you want to keep your dog occupied while home alone, or simply want to feed your dogs brain by keeping them challenged and entertained, food dispensing balls are an essential part of bowl free feeding.

There is a huge rage of food dispensing balls on the market, you must choose the right type for your dog. Many brands come is a range of sizes so there is something out there for all dogs and yes cats also enjoy these balls!

The Kong Toy is a classic and it’s an essential in many owners’ dog toy box.

These tough rubber toys can withstand even the mightiest of jaws, making them one of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers.

What makes the Kong Toy even better? It can be stuffed with food! Learn what to stuff a Kong toy with and how to stuff it in our blog post KONG STUFFING RECIPIES!!

We use all sorts of these toys to keep your dogs entertained and stimulated.

A few tips to consider when purchasing a food ball:

- Easy to clean - There are enough things to clean around your home. Save yourself the trouble and choose a food-dispensing dog toy that is easy to clean. Bear in mind that some styles of food-dispensing dog toys are easier to clean than others.

- Stuffing Choices - Try to use healthy treat or part of your dogs main meals. Too many treats are not recommended.

- Food-Dispensing Balls Do Not Replace Exercise! - Even though food-dispensing balls are often excellent for increasing your dog’s level of physical exertion, they can’t replace the benefits of a long walk or time spent playing or interacting with other pets and people. Instead combine the mental stimulation of a food-dispensing dog toy with daily exercise to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

So how do you use the food Dispensing Ball:

Step 1 - Choose a ball based on your dogs size and breed

Step 2 - Fill with your chosen food type - works best with biscuits or stuffed

Step 3 - Let the fun begin!

Step 4 - Wash after each use - many of these are made from natural rubbers that can attract mould growth!

Please share your photos and videos with us of your dogs and cats enjoying Food Dispensing Balls.

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