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Hol-ee Ball Treat Puzzle

This game is perfect for those dogs that like to "disembowel" stuffed toys. We've all been there, bought lovely cuddly soft toy for our dogs only for it to be totally destroyed and in pieces within a matter of minuets. What a mess. After cleaning up many a stuffed toy I've come up with an activity that works with the same general principle (tearing out stuffing!), but is re-usable and easy to clean up.

What You’ll Need:

- Rubber Ball with holes

- Old t-shirts, tea towel, fleece any fabric scraps would work

How to play Holl-ee Ball:

Method 1 - single tea towel

Step 1 -Scatter the food on the tea towel

Step 2 - Scrunch it up

Step 3 - Stuff it inside the ball.

Step 4 - Play Time

Method 2 - fabric strips

Step 1 - Cut up the old t-shirts or fabric into small strips and place dog treats inside them.

Step 2 - Place the strips inside the ball

Step 3 0 Give to your dog to figure out how to remove the strips to get the food.


This is not an activity you want to give to a dog that is prone to swallowing pieces of fabric (or other things they shouldn't be eating for that matter!). This is an activity I would never give to a dog unattended. Remember that it's always a good idea to supervise your dog when it's playing with toys (especially when its playing with pieces of fabric).

Check out our video on Facebook of Roxy and Sophie having a go at this game. Please do share your experiences with us!

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