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Step it Up!

This is a super simple variation on thew Towel Roll we covered in a previous post. This game suitable for all dogs of all ages and breeds. Just use an appropriately sized towel! Best part is this game costs nothing but gives so much fun!

All you will need to play is a towel and treats.

How to play

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun. Grab a towel, lay it out and fold it so it makes steps of fabric, hide the food in the layers, then let your dog use his nose to un fold it, finding the food as they go. Genius!

This game is great for puppies as there are no hard edges. If your dog finds it too difficult though you can just crumple up the towel and hide treats in the folds for your dog to find.

Mental stimulation for dogs is at least as important as physical exercise. And as these games take very little time to prepare but provide your dog with a good brain workout they can be fitted into even the busiest of days.

Check out our Facebook page for a video of a few of our dogs giving this game a go! Please do share with us your own games, photos and videos too!

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