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Buried Treasure

Some dogs can be very lazy when it comes to working for food. This game should be easy enough for all dogs to play. This game can be played inside or out - it can be messy with raw food so perhaps play it outside!

The “Buried Treasure” game always gets our dog going..

  • I start by getting all of the toys together in a centre of the room.

  • Then I put little bits of biscuits or sprats in some of the toys and bury them under other toys.

  • In the end, I have a pile of toys, some of which have buried food.

  • To top everything off I sprinkle some biscuits down at the pile of toys and let it trickle down to the bottom of the pile.

The dogs have a lot of fun finding all the buried food while digging through the pile of toys. This is a simple game but very effective enrichment for all dog.

Check out our video of Hector playing this game on our Facebook page.

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