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Rolls Rolls Rolls!

If you’re feeling stumped over finding new interesting and fun toys for your small furries, cats or dogs or annoyed at the price tag for toys sold in the pet shop that are destroyed in a matter of days (or hours), we’ve got a solution for you. I bet you’ve got a bunch of these cardboard rolls in your house, right? They easily pile up from all of the toilet paper and paper towels an average family goes through. And we just think of them as recycling and we toss them away without another thought. Well, soon you’re going to think of them as inexpensive toy parts that are going to greats chews and shredders your pets will absolutely love. These DIY toilet paper roll toys are ingenious.

These toys can be made from paper towel or toilet paper rolls. They are cheap and easy to make since the cardboard tubes are basically free and you can usually assemble them with materials around the house and a few pet-safe treats and foods.

The toilet paper roll toys are generally safe for dogs and cats as well rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils.

For dogs and cats you can stuff with any smelly food items such as sprats, cats may enjoy some cat nip too! Small pets can enjoy these rolls in so many ways, stuffed with hay or food, hung up, used as chewable feeders and just simple toys!

Please check out our Facebook page for a video of this game with dogs. Our guinea pigs and rabbits love to play with these too!

Note: What may be safe for one type of pet could be toxic and deadly for another. Please use these rolls in ways suitable for the pet they are intended for!

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