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The Ball Pool Enrichment Activity

A ball pit isn't just fun for children - dogs can have really good fun in them too!

Anything new and interesting is beneficial to a dog. An assortment of objects to discover can give the dog an opportunity to think, explore, use his senses, stimulate the brain, and provide fun.

Use a rigid shell type or even a plastic storage box. Inflatable pools can be used for waterless play. Anything to contain the balls will work. Simply throw in some food and let the fun begin. Biscuits and raw food can be used for this game. Raw food can be frozen for a longer lasting game. Why not add water for those water loving dogs, perhaps best done in the summer! Dog that love to dig can also enjoy digging the balls to get to the food.

A free versions of this can be made using a large cardboard box and filling it with scrunched up paper.

So what other things can we put in the pool:

- Herbs: Dogs are great at detecting smells! The nose is the #1 sense for dogs! Allow the dog to sniff the herbs in the pool. The plants are all safe if the dog should choose to munch on some. The herbs may include basil, parsley, rosemary, mint, oregano, sage, and thyme.

- Ice Bar: Try out the sensory excitement of the ice or frozen food.

- Toy Adventure: A pool full of stuffed animals or balls with a few stuffed toys mixed in.

- Duck Pond: Rubber ducks floating in the water are a favorite of children and now, dogs!

- Splash Pond: Just the basics! Add water bottles for a bottle pool party.

- Leaves: Scents of the outdoors and crunchy under the paws. Toss in treats to be found.

Check out our Facebook page for videos and photos of this awesome game! Please do share your photos and videos with us!

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