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The Egg Carton

Being mentally active is important for your dog's mind, just as important as being physically active!

Dogs need to strengthen and stimulate their brain, just like you! In fact, this can boost your dogs intelligence!

This is a very simple and free game. All dogs can play this game with all food types. Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Rats also love this game! Of course fill with appropriate food items!

If you want your dog to work a little harder for his food, this is the way to go. For this Egg Carton Toy, you need an empty egg carton and some food! You can make this game much harder by adding obstacles such as scrunched paper or even a whole egg! Yes Rats would love the egg too!

Lots of animals love to shred and forage for their food so this game is very stimulating. Don't worry, encouraging destruction of the egg box will not mean that your dog will then ruin the sofa!

Check out our Facebook page for a video of our dogs enjoying this game.

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