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There might not be anything nicer for a dog then a superb treat that lasts and takes a bit of work as well. Dog Ice Cream or Stuffed Hooves are wonderful in general but also if your dog has had an op and limited mobility, or to keep puppies occupied.

A dried hoof filled with minced tripe and many other fillings can be given frozen or fresh. A really great way to keep your dog busy, best of all these have no artificial colour, preservatives, additives cereals or filers! Perfect for raw fed dogs.

Good ingredients to mix and stuff at will are that tend to go down well: banana, blueberries, raspberries, goats yoghurt or natural live yoghurt, tripe, any type of mince. For adult dogs (NOT puppies) manuka honey, but any raw honey will do, is nice. Also if you are struggling on the offal front, mixing slivers of offal into your mix can be a great way of introducing it.

See our blog post Kong Recipes for more yummy feeding ideas!

Stuffed Hooves and Frozzys can be purchased locally from The Healthy Pet Store - Totton.

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