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Leafy Snuffle

Dogs love to sniff. Using their nose is often the highlight of their walks, if not dominating their entire day.

This is a simple way to engage your dog’s scenting prowess. It requires you to do nothing but place treats or food randomly around outside in the hopes that she will locate them by scent. Once she finds the first one (often by accident), she will quickly key into the possibility of finding others with her nose.

Start by placing one or two treats down in full view. She will eat them happily and look for more. Repeat this process, but begin placing the treats in less obvious places; in a leaf pile, at the bottom of a tree, in the grass, or even partially up a tree. Then simply let her find them on her own. You will soon see her scenting for them rather than looking for them.

Vary placement and quantity; some days just hide one treat. Once she “gets it,” vary the hidden item. Try hiding a food filled toy filled with treats. Hide a feather rubbed with cheese. Hide a frozen cube of meat or broth. Make it easy at first then progressively harder. Try hiding a chicken egg out there!

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