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Treat Wall

A dog’s nose is an amazing thing to behold. Dogs have the ability to: wiggle each nostril independently, breathe in through the holes in the front of the nose and exhale through the side slits, and discern individual odors making up what we could call a “scent.” Humans have about 5 million cells devoted to smelling; dogs have up to 220 million. Not only that, but dogs have four times the brain power devoted to processing scents!

So lets challenge them with this fun nose work game. These pocket covered sheets are actually planters that are used to make planted flower walls, hung shoe storage bags also work. They are cheap to purchase and make for a fun activity. They can be used laying on the floor or hung up for a more challenging game. All dogs can use these.

To start you may want to add a treat to each pocket, once the dog knows what to do reduce the number of treats/pockets used. In time you could add different treats and ask the dog to find a specific scent!

For an outdoor alternative more suited to raw fed dogs - use a palette and bird feeder type cups, easy to wash and reuse.

If you decide to have a go at this one please do share your expoeirace with us!

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