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Bottle Spinner

This looks like so much fun, kind of like a slot machine for dogs. Give it a spin and see what you win!

This homemade toy will keep your dog occupied for hours! The great thing about it is you can easily customise if for your own dog’s preferences in toys.

To make it, first decide what size bottles you want to use.

Once you know the size of your bottles, you can make your frame. A Simple rectangle or square frame will work, we made ours with scraps of wood and an old mop handle!

The width needed will depend on:

  1. How many bottles you want to use – use as many as you like!

  2. How easy you want them to spin. If you put the bottles tight against each other, it will be harder for your dog to spin them.

Simply add up:

Diameter of bottle at widest part + number of bottles + inches you want in-between each bottle + enough extra to slide through the wood = width of frame needed

In terms on height all you need is a wooden frame high enough to give your bottles enough clearance to spin around. The easiest way to measure this is to punch holes in the bottles, run your wooden or metal rod through them and then measure the length of the longest side. Add at least an inch to this for clearance and that is how tall your frame needs to be.

TIP: If you want to be able to replace your bottles easily should they get broken, drill the holes in the wood for the pole all the way through and then use a nut and bolt to hold in on. That way, you can remove if you want to.

Here a just a few ways you can customize this toy for your dog:

  • Stuff the bottle with a few pieces of fabric to make it harder for the food to come out

  • Put different types of treats in each bottle to keep your dog’s interest.

  • If your dog likes stuffed animals, take one of those toys that holds plastic bottles and slip the bottle inside, cut holes in each side so it slide onto the pole.

SAFETY NOTE: Don’t leave your dog unattended with this toy. If he ingested the plastic he could seriously injure himself. If you see your dog chewing on the bottles, take the toy away.

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