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We made the news!!

New Forest Pet Services has always been the go to place for your pet care needs. Over the last 13 years we've taken in many pets that owners could no longer keep. We have recently opened the rescue side of our work up to the public, meaning we are taking in more pets in need all the time. Last year saw us do our biggest rescue to date, we took in 117 guinea pigs, 20 of which were pregnant! All of these pigs were in a dire state and required medical care and ongoing treatment. Several months later we can happily report they are all now living in wonderful homes!

We thought you'd like to read the article in our local paper, Link here:

We were also featured on BBC Radio Solent, I was super nervous as you'll be able to tell, I don't usually like the spotlight but this rescue was so huge we had to spread the word far and wide to find them all homes! You can hear that interview here:


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