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Dog bite prevention

It's dog bite prevention week in the UK. Children are statistically much more likely to be bitten by a familiar dog, due to lack of adequate supervision. Never leave your dog and child alone no matter how well you know them. All it takes is a matter of seconds for something to go wrong and you have a child that's scarred for life both physically and emotionally because they are the reason their best friend has to be killed as they sat on him and got bitten in the face. This picture is not cute, funny or adorable, it's very scary and is an accident waiting to happen. Please always supervise all dog and child interactions and teach the dog and child mutual respect for each other and their personal space. Be sensible, supervise and stay safe...

The photo attached is not mine, but it does highlight a very nervous dog being pulled by a small child. This situation is potentially very dangerous!

We at NFPS have been teaching our daughters throughout their lives how to respect and behave around dogs. They often help feed, walk and play with dogs in a safe environment and always supervised.

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